Hello. My name is Marion and I am a Service Designer.

I bring multi-disciplinary Design practices into the development of service models and experiences.

I am interested in People. My job is to craft how organisations engage and interact with people, not just customers. I develop solutions where business imperatives and human needs meet.

I approach things in a systemic way. I like making sense out of complex systems and identifying challenges to tackle. It is about understanding the bigger picture in which problems and opportunities sit. It means comprehending and designing from people’s needs, perspectives and behaviours. It also implies encompassing business drivers, an organisation's systems, practices and stakeholders.


I am currently working as a Service Design consultant at Livework in London.


I also worked client side, as a Lead Service and Interaction Designer at Barclays.
More about Barclays.


My project Disclosed was nominated for Designs of the year 2015 and exhibited at the Design Museum, London.
Disclosed is a service concept that helps shoppers make more mindful decisions more easily.
More about Disclosed.


I was apart of the first cohort of students graduating in Service Design from the Royal College of Arts. There, I spent two years growing my Service Design practice through in-depth structured learning and live client projects, but also by collaborating with brilliant people from very different background.

I built a critical understanding of Service Design, its theories, tools and processes. I understand Service Design beyond manuals and beyond methodologies. I believe processes support outcomes and should to be tailored to each context. I am confident in adapting my approach to better bring to light what needs to be uncovered and in exploring solutions. Service Design is the platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and versatility is needed to make the most out of different expertises brought together.


I started out as a Product Designer. I bring these sensibilities to my work as a Service Designer and my everyday life.